“Chakra” is a sanskrit word that translates to wheel. Chakras are energy wheels, sometimes referred to disks or centers, in the subtle body, that acts as a vortex, spinning energy where matter and consciousness meet. When these energy centers are aligned and balanced, so are the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies within the subtle body.

Energy Flow

The human body has 114 chakras throughout, where the 72000 nadis, or energy channels, meet in the body. Life force energy, also known as Prana, circulates through various nadis. The seven major chakra energy centers align with the central channel of these nadis, starting from the base of the spine and move up to the crown of the head. The flow of energy through the meridians, the electrical network that runs through the human body, are regulated by the chakras.

This energy system communicates with the body via the nervous system and endocrine glands to keep it healthy and balanced. When chakras are too open, blocked, or are out of alignment, the flow of the body’s energy system is disrupted which may result in physical illness or a sense of unbalance mentally and/or emotionally. Aligning your chakras allows your energy centers to flow freely, connecting the body to the mind and the mind to the spirit, cultivating more happiness, harmony and well-being.

The Seven Major Chakras In Balance

When aligning your chakras, start at your base with the 1st chakra and move upward so not to blow out lower chakras.

1st Chakra. Identified as the energy color red, the root or base chakra associated with the element of earth is located at the perineum, at the base of the spine. 

  • The chakra of physical survival, security, physical needs and earthly grounding. It controls your fight or flight response.
  • The root or base chakra corresponds to the adrenal gland.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence include male reproductive organs, spine, legs, feet, and hips.

When the 1st chakra is in balance, you may feel supported, safe and trusting, centered, independent, and/or grounded with a sense of belonging in this world.

2nd Chakra. Identified as the energy color orange, the sacral chakra associated with the element of water is located three inches below the navel. 

  • The chakra of emotion, sense of self, and sexuality.
  • The sacral chakra corresponds to the reproductive glands, (female ovaries or male testicles).
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence include the female reproductive organs, lower intestine, bladder, and/or kidney.

When the 2nd chakra is in balance, you may feel creative, passionate, alive, friendly, free flowing emotional expressions and/or sexually fulfilled.

3rd Chakra.
Identified as the energy color yellow, the navel or solar plexus chakra associated with the element of fire is located three inches above the navel. 

  • The chakra of self will, self esteem, and personal powers.
  • The navel or solar plexus chakra corresponds to the pancreas.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence include the liver, small intestine, gall bladder, spleen, stomach and upper spine.

When the 3rd chakra is in balance, you may feel confident, empowered, calm, decisive, live in integrity, and/or have respect and compassion for self and others.

4th Chakra.
Identified as the energy color green, the heart chakra associated with the element of air is located at the heart. 

  • The chakra of love, empathy, giving and receiving.
  • The heart chakra corresponds to the thymus.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the heart, lungs, hands and arms.

When the 4th chakra is in balance, you may feel trusting, grateful, empathetic, joyful, forgiving, compassionate, and/or loving.

5th Chakra.
Identified as the energy color blue, the throat chakra associated with the element of sound is located at the throat. 

  • The chakra of communication.
  • The throat chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence include the areas of the mouth, vocal cords, esophagus, and/or ears.

When the 5th chakra is in balance, you may feel creative, self-expressive, and/or able to speak your truth.

6th Chakra.
Identified as the energy color indigo, the third eye chakra associated with the element of light, is located at the center of the eyebrows. 

  • The chakra of wisdom, creative, intelligence and intuition.
  • The third eye chakra corresponds to the pituitary gland.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the eyes, brain and/or base of skull.

When the 6th chakra is in balance, you may feel that you know your life path purpose, aware, open to receiving insight and wisdom, charismatic, clear minded and focused, intuitive, and/or able to determine between illusion and truth.

7th Chakra.
Identified as the energy color violet, the crown chakra, associated with the element of thought is located at the top of the head. 

  • The chakra of spirituality, universal source, and relationship to God/Tao.
  • The crown chakra corresponds to the pineal gland and central nervous system.
  • Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the cerebral cortex, brain stem and/or spinal cord.

When the 7th chakra is in balance, you may feel connected to God or “the source”, oneness, live in the present, acceptance, bliss and/or pure consciousness energy.

Mind Body Connection

When the mind and body are connected, everything flows, but when this connection is disrupted, energetic imbalance may occur that can contribute to negative effects. The body wants to attain energetic balance in your chakras. When one chakra is blocked, the other chakras begin to compensate and either become overactive or underactive, which then pulls energy away from that region of the body. This energetic imbalance affects the corresponding endocrine gland, resulting in symptoms of illness.

F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R    F E A R 
G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T   G U I L T 
S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E   S H A M E 
G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F   G R I E F 
L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S   L I E S

I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N   I L L U S I O N 
E G O  A T T A C H M E N T   E G O  A T T A C H M E N T   E G O  A T T A C H M E N T   E G O  A T T A C H M E N T

1st Chakra. Sanskrit name, Muladhara. The chakra of security and survival, blocked by fear.

  • Overactive – anxiety, digestive issues, resistant to change, big ego, greedy, nervous
  • Underactive – codependent, lack survival basics, feeling frustrated, unable to focus
  • Imbalance may surface as arthritis, fatigue, auto-immune disease, cancer, kidney, eating disorder or obesity, osteoarthritis, sciatica, or depression.
  • Blockage may manifest as paranoia, fear, procrastination or defensiveness.

2nd Chakra. Sanskrit name, Syadisthana. The chakra of feeling and pleasure, blocked by guilt.

  • Overactive – Moody, overemotional, addictive personality, shy, worry what others think
  • Underactive – Frigid, closed off, lack self worth, and self esteem
  • Imbalance may surface as kidney and gall stones, pelvic disease, or bladder issues.
  • Blockage may manifest as emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behavior, or sexual guilt.

3rd Chakra. Sanskrit name, Manipura. The chakra of willpower and taking action, blocked by shame.

  • Overactive – Aggressive, judgmental, overly critical of self and others, stubborn, lack compassion/empathy
  • Underactive – Insecure, needy, indecisive, passive, timid, procrastinator
  • Imbalance may surface as adrenal and digestive issues, hypoglycemia, diabetes, or thyroid disease.
  • Blockage may manifest as anger, frustration, lack of direction or a sense of victimization.

4th Chakra. Sanskrit name, Anahata. The chakra of love, blocked by grief.

  • Overactive – Make unhealthy choices, lack of personal boundaries, put others before self, blame others
  • Underactive – Fear of rejection, uncertainty, lonely, clingy
  • Imbalance may surface as circulatory and heart issues, cancer, stiff joints, interpersonal relationship issues, fear of intimacy.
  • Blockage can show itself as immune system, lung and heart problems, manifest as inhumanity, lack of compassion or unprincipled behaviors.

5th Chakra. Sanskrit name, Vishuddha. The chakra of speaking and expressing your truth, blocked by lies.

  • Overactive – Critical, overly talkative, interrupt others, loud voice, stubborn
  • Underactive – shy, challenged to speak truth, introvert, difficulty expressing needs, timid
  • Imbalance may surface as throat pain, swollen glands, TMJ, hypoactive thyroid, neck and shoulder issues.
  • Blockage may manifest as creative blocks, dishonesty or general problems in communicating ones needs to others.

6th Chakra. Sanskrit name, Ajna. The chakra of insight, blocked by illusion.

  • Overactive – Distracted from human experience, unable to focus, prone to hallucinations
  • Underactive – self-doubt, can’t see big picture, easily influenced, uncertain of life purpose, close minded, inner voice disconnect, stuck in past, fear future, anxious
  • Imbalance may surface as headaches, neurological issues, or vision issues.
  • Blockage may manifest as problems like lack of foresight, mental rigidity, ‘selective’ memory or depression.

7th Chakra. Sanskrit name, Sahasrara. The chakra of cosmic energy, blocked by ego attachment.

  • Overactive – spirituality addict, challenged to control emotions, crave attention
  • Underactive – lack direction, inability to set/maintain goals
  • Imbalance may surface as exhaustion, mental fog, or epilepsy.
  • Blockage may manifest as psychological problems.

Aligning Your Chakras with The Universal Sphere®

There are a variety of processes and techniques available to align/cleanse/balance your chakras, but few are able to show scientific proof that they work.

As a kinestetic, I follow my feelings, but I also appreciate being able to see results like those that can be seen when testing with a GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro Camera, which was used during this indicative test of a distance Universal Sphere® session.

The picture top left was taken before a client in Queensland, Australia received their distance Universal Sphere® session from a Universal Sphere® Practitioner who was located in Oregon, USA. As you can see, three chakras, (6th, 5th and 1st), are outside of the light green highlighted area.

The picture lower left was taken immediately after the distance session, and shows all seven chakras to be within the green highlighted area, which represents and excellent state of energetic balance. Learn More about the science.

Aligning your chakras with the Universal Sphere® can be performed by a Universal Sphere® Practitioner, like myself, in person or from a distance. You can also learn to do it for yourself and for others in a one day, in person, workshop taught by a certified Universal Sphere® International Instructor, or host a private workshop in the comfort of your home or office.

Contact me for registration details to one of my workshops or to learn more about current host discounts for private workshops!

Allow Your Energy To Flow Smoothly

You can keep yourself healthier through various forms of energy healing. Aligning your chakras is one way to have a direct impact on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being of you and those that you love.

Book your 30 minute remote Chakra Alignment session today! If you have any questions,  let’s connect. I’m here to help you to cultivate more harmony, happiness and well-being in your life with the Universal Sphere®.

In gratitude,

Shellie Powers is not a physician and make no claims, promises or guarantees. See our website Disclaimer for further details, at www.ThePowersOf.com

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