You are invited to attend one of my experiential ‘Learn the Universal Sphere®’ events.

Easy To Learn

The Universal Sphere®, aka “Solution Energy” is an easy to learn energy modality. This technique was brought through in 2011, and can be offered as a standalone or in combination with other modalities.

All Are Welcome

All are welcome. Whether you want to do the Universal Sphere® for yourself, start your own practice, or add to your current practice, this experiential workshop is for you.

Work With Universal Energies

On a practical level, learning to work with the Universal Sphere® gives you an easy way to bring the perfection of Universal Energies into your life, navigating the ups and downs gracefully, and increasing your manifestation of:

  • Better relationships
  • Clarity
  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Improved outcomes to events and situations
  • Healing
  • Upleveling life or business
  • Love
  • And, MORE!

What You Will Learn

In this seven hour intensive training, you will:

  • Learn what the Universal Sphere® is
  • Learn how to “feel” and connect with the energies
  • Understand the science and the many uses of the Universal Sphere®
  • Practice facilitating the Universal Sphere® for yourself, others in class, and from distance
  • Be qualified to apply technique in multiple ways as a Practitioner
  • Understand how to offer the experience to generate additional income
  • Learn how to create or add to an existing energy practice

‘Learn The Universal Sphere®’ Events

Join Shellie online, or in-person, to ‘Learn the Universal Sphere®’. Check Shellie’s Events often as classes are added regularly, and you don’t want to miss her “Early Bird” registration discounts.

The Universal Sphere® has been taught in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Scotland, and we’re always looking for hosts for new locations. Contact Shellie to learn more about host incentives and private events.

Completion of this course does not grant permission to teach. This course certifies you as a practitioner, which is a prerequisite for the Instructor program. Instructors must successfully complete the Universal Sphere® Instructor Training Program (USITP). Applications for 2022 USITP are now closed.

A Note From Shellie

This is one of the most UNIVERSAL tools you will ever learn. I am excited for you to feel the centered calmness and relaxation that this experience provides. Something that you will be able to gift yourself, every day, for the rest of your life!

In gratitude,


Learn more about the Universal Sphere®…

About the Author

Shellie Powers ()

In 2010, I embraced a new world of healing. It's what helped to bring me out of the darkness of deep grief years prior, and still benefits me today, both personally and as a tool, to help those on path to heal, to ascend or to uplevel elements of their lives. Founder, The Powers Of

Website: http://thepowersof.com

8 Replies to “Learn the Universal Sphere®”

  1. Hi Shellie, It is the first time I hear about the Universal Sphere. It sounds interesting and I am looking for something like this, since I always feel fatigue. it is clear that I lack energy sometimes and I would like to gain energy to bring the Universal Energies into my life when I need it. 

    The one-day intensive training is exciting. I would like to join and could I ask what is the price for the training?

    Thanks for sharing the energy source with us.

    1. Hi Anthony, Thank you for your questions. I’m glad to be able to share the Universal Sphere® with you. It came through in 2011, so it hasn’t really been around that long, but it has been taught in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and Scotland!
      While I’m not a doctor, I do know that when our chakras are out of alignment, it can disrupt our systems as the chakras are our energy centers, if you aren’t aware of this? I bring this up because it has been shown during an indicative test how even a distance Universal Sphere® can be used to align our chakras and balance our energy field.  If you want to view the results of these test, I added a link after the signature area on my post that you are commenting on that I think you’ll find very interesting. 
      The one-day intensive is very exciting. I’m happy that you think so, too. It’s amazing to receive the Universal Sphere®, and it’s even better when we can gift it to ourselves any time we feel like we need to raise our vibration, or align our chakras, etc. The more Universal Sphere’s® that you do, the more your energy will expand and eventually begin to hold, resting at a higher frequency than where you originally started.
      What area of the world are you in, Anthony? Would you have interest in attending a training in the greater Los Angeles area or Southern California where I teach, or would you have interest in hosting a group in your home town? If you’d feel more comfortable sharing in a private message, I welcome you to send one in the contact Shellie button in the footer of my site.
      The course is $700 USD, but I always try to offer EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS in advance, and those are $397 USD per person.
      I hope I get to see you in one of my classes soon! Thanks so much for sharing with me today.

  2. Interesting idea.. What are modalities? Is this similar to meditation? How long is the certification course and what exactly does it involve? How long have you been practicing? Could you describe to us what exactly is “solution energy” and what is it supposed to help you with?

    Keep it up! You have a great site and this is a really neat idea.

    1. Thank you, Nic. It’s amazing, all that is out there. I appreciate your great questions and your kind words.
      A modality is a modal quality or attribute, and an energy modalities are alternative therapies based on the movement of energy in the body.
      While the Universal Sphere® is very relaxing as is meditation, it is very different as that the Universal Sphere® allows you to resonate with the perfect universal resonance and merge with that level of perfection.
      After receiving another great question earlier about what ‘solution energy’ is, I recognized that it would be beneficial for me to add a link to another section of my site that contains the main content for the Universal Sphere®. Do you see it there, just below my signature line at the end? One very unique attribute about ‘solution energy’ is that it can be used for situations, in addition to people, including children, businesses, animals, homes, plants, and more. I’d love to hear if any other questions come to surface after you view that section.
      I’ve been a practitioner of the Universal Sphere® since 2012 and became certified as an instructor in January, 2018.
      The Universal Sphere® came through in 2011 and is really easy to learn to connect to. The practitioner certification course is 7 class hours, and can be offered as one-full day extensive, two half-day extensive, or three separate dates, which helps to accommodate most schedules. I offer host incentives for those that don’t have interest in traveling. The class hours include learning as well as practicing, both facilitating and receiving, the Universal Sphere® in various ways.
      Thanks, again, for taking time to leave your comment. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information, I would love to learn this technique and use it on a daily basis to improve on everything that I am doing right now in my life such as work, exercise, and much much more. Thank you again for this information and I am sure to tell my friends about it. Bye

    1. Wonderful, Barbara, you are so welcome!  The Universal Sphere® really is great in upleveling all that is already good in our lives, as well as expanding us out into the higher thought process where solutions are ample. I do offer host incentives should you ever consider hosting a private workshop for you and your friends, both in and outside the greater Los Angeles area.

  4. I am not actually experiencing grief, hatred or any extreme negativity but of course, there are many emotional baggages that I carry in my life. With my own assessment, what I feel mostly are regret, resentment, disillusion, and my major problem right now is procrastination. What kind of personal healing am I going to expect from the Solution Energy? Does it require a universal spiritual exercise? 

    1. Hi, Missus B. Thank you for asking some really great questions. I would say that the first thing we have to do is remove expectation. Expectation is often resistance and we want to be open to allow. Now, I’m not saying that we allow things to hurt us without trying to do anything to protect ourselves from pain, nor am I a doctor, but in the area of utilizing the Universal Sphere®, we want to allow what is in our highest and best to occur. In saying that, sometimes what we “think” is best for us at the moment, isn’t… it’s just our best idea while operating in a low vibration. Does that make sense? The Universal Sphere® connects us to the perfect universal resonance and is also called, “solution energy”, because at this resonance low vibration thoughts drop off, and our focus is one of solution verses problem. Once again, Missus B, I thank you for your questions as they encouraged me to add a link for the reader to learn more about the Universal Sphere® in another section on my site that I also hope will help you to understand more about it. The Universal Sphere® does not require a spiritual exercise. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what I’ve shared. 

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