Universal Sphere® Bundle of Three


Universal Sphere® Bundle of THREE.
The Universal Sphere® reawakens you on all levels to your inherent perfection. It allows you to live from your heart, less from your mind and ego, and manifest in more divine ways. The Universal Sphere® can be used to assist people, animals, homes, businesses, events and situations, in person or from a distance.


The Universal Sphere® is an easy way to assist in a multitude of ways, and has the potential to benefit people, pets, homes, businesses, events and situations.

Allow this unlimited energetic storehouse to help with things like:

  • A greater connectedness to your higher self
  • Expressing and experiencing unconditional love with more ease
  • Energy clearing of a home, space, or gemstones
  • Expanding your consciousness to the level of the unified ‘field’
  • Improving relationships
  • Living a heart centered life, getting out of your head
  • Upleveling an already positive situation
  • ‘Solution Energy’ for challenges you are currently experiencing
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Healing your mind, physical and light bodies on multiple levels
  • Greater inner peace
  • Accelerated manifestation, improving outcomes to situations and events in your life
  • Embodying more clarity to make wiser decisions in your daily life
  • And, much more… Infinite Possibilities!

This is for the purchase of a bundle of THREE Universal Sphere® sessions.

When scheduling your session(s), simply think about ONE thing you’d like help with in your life, that we can discuss at the beginning of your session.

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