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Move forward in your life in a true and authentic way with the energetic assistance of Soul Activations!

Grow Into A New Vibratory Reality

Embody all that we are, all that we desire, all that we dream about. Move beyond struggle and stress, and start living our true potential with ease. Isn’t that the daily life we are all seeking?

Too often, we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward while trying to make positive changes in our lives. Our ingrained patterns of resistance leave us overwhelmed, limiting our thoughts and perspective.

Soul Activations help us to move forward with less difficulty by clearing the energetic field, expanding our capacity to hold a higher vibration and greater degree of light. These energetic transformations occur at a soul level and create a deeper connection to our heart and our essence, allowing more ease in our expressions of our true authentic self. Attuning our innate intelligence, Soul Activations allow a higher-level wisdom to be tapped into for guidance in simple, yet profound ways.

Soul Activations

Soul Activations are NEW; they began coming through in January, 2011.

Activations are an infusion of energy into your physical and energetic beings in a way that you have not had before. On an energetic level, they are composed of energy pathways that are in the shape of sacred geometry. As this sacred geometric structure is put into place, energetically within your system, on all levels, it allows energy from your planetary system and from universal matrix of energy to begin flowing through you in a new alignment relative to the geometry of the shape.

When you combine the light flowing through this sacred geometric structure and it’s interaction with your physicality on all levels with your humanity, for it includes your physical experience and all the energetic unseen less tangible experiences, this sacred geometric structure is infused into who you currently are and the energy of the universe begins to flow through you and interact differently because this sacred geometric shape. You step into a new level of alignment with who you are and who you want to be. Each activation has different geometry to it. With each activation, it’s interaction with you, shifts you in a different, yet specific way. ~ The High Council of Orion

  • The 111® Activation – Launching you forward on your life path… Learn more!
  • The Universal Sphere® – A limitless energetic storehouse of solution energy, assisting you with almost any challenge you have… Learn more!
  • The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation – Accelerate your manifestation abilities for all that you desire… Learn more!

Activate Your Highest Potential

Imagine living everyday life at your souls highest potential. Soul Activations are your energetic pathway to a universal connection, a higher vibration, and expanded consciousness. Each activation moves you in a unique way, from catapulting you forward in your life path with more ease and grace, to assisting you with resolution to almost any problem you may have.

Soul Activations increase self-confidence and overall happiness, and decrease confusion and chaos as a result of soul alignment. They help to accelerate your ability to manifest, shifting your energy to live a more authentic life in tune with your personal truth, and ultimately providing you with a more fulfilling life experience.

In Person Or From A Distance

All Soul Activations can be received wherever you are located. They work in what Scientists refer to as, “the Field”, and go beyond our perceived limitations of distance.

Facilitated in person or from any distance, Soul Activations are received with equal effectiveness.

A Healthier and Happier Life

For those who resonate, Soul Activations are an important aspect of our transformation and our evolution as human, allowing us to gain a fresh perspective. Our refined ability to make choices in alignment with our authentic self brings forward a deeper level of fulfillment in everyday life.

About the Author

Shellie Powers ()

In 2010, I embraced a new world of healing. It's what helped to bring me out of the darkness of deep grief years prior, and still benefits me today, both personally and as a tool, to help those on path to heal, to ascend or to uplevel elements of their lives. Founder, The Powers Of


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