Gifted Universal Sphere®


Receive a Universal Sphere® for the Energies of ‘Living Life with Grace and Ease’.

The Powers Of… the Universal Sphere®

Shine Your Light even brighter as your ‘field’ is infused with the Perfect Universal Resonance of the Universal Sphere® that you can receive from the Comfort of Your Own Home, or Space, at the time that it is created or by intentionally connecting with the energies later that day or following days.

I Invite You to Join Me

I invite you to join me on the 11th of every month at 11:00 AM PT.

I have chosen the 11th of every month to gift a Universal Sphere®, as the number 11 is a master number, which are highly spiritual, and 11 is also the number of enlightenment and inspiration.

Relax and Receive

This is a distance session, so you will not need to log into Facebook or any other location. Every month, I will create the Universal Sphere® at 11:00 AM PT.

As you receive this infusion of the highest universal resonance of the Universal Sphere®, have the intention of fully receiving the energies of ‘Living Life with Grace and Ease’. There’s no need to direct it. The only thing you will need to do is lay down in a quiet space with your intention. Take a few deep breaths, relax and receive.

Remember, it’s OK if you aren’t available at 11:00 AM PT, you can still intentionally connect with the energies later that day or following days. Simply lay down with your intention in your quiet space, take your deeps breaths, relax and receive.

I Choose to Live Life with Grace and Ease

To hold the space of your intention, please comment below, “I Choose to Live Life with Grace and Ease.”

Share with Family and Friends

I invite you to share this with family and friends around the world. This powerful infusion of energy also contributes to our planet.

If you have any questions, please comment below, and I’ll be glad to help you!

In gratitude,

Practitioner and Instructor of the Universal Sphere®

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The Universal Sphere®



A “Next Generation” modality/tool, the Universal Sphere® allows you to both resonate with the perfect universal resonance and merge with this level of perfection, which is centered in your heart. This process creates a deeper connection with your higher self, the true essence of who you are, and expands the pathway to manifest all that you dream and desire with greater ease.

The Universal Sphere® Is Your Solution Energy

The Universal Sphere® is an unlimited energetic storehouse that you can use to assist you in resolving almost any problem that you may have. You might think of it as, “solution energy”, that connects you with the energies of the universe in a way that you haven’t connected with before.

When received, the Universal Sphere® reawakens you on all levels to your inherent perfection. It allows you to live from your heart, less from your mind and ego, and manifest in more divine ways, which can result in:

  • A deeper experience of peace resulting from a greater connection to source
  • Healing of the mind, body and spirit
  • Experiencing a more heart-centered life
  • A more profound understanding of who you are

A Universal Sphere® session is 30 minutes, but lasting effects, like these, have been reported by clients long after a session:

  • Mental Clarity and Emotional Healing
  • Balanced Energy and Chakras
  • Activated Energy
  • Reduced Fear
  • Heightened Awareness of the Five Senses
  • Physical and Energetic Healing
  • Self-Evolution and Spiritual Healing
  • Inner Calm

“This is opening you up to this incredible field of possibilities that you’re already sitting in. It’s opening you up to new energies and new impulses that can change the direction of the way that your life is going, and the way that you feel life is showing up for you, and that you’re showing up for life…

What you are doing, as you “infuse” this perfect universal resonance into your field, you are dropping any resistance, barriers, preconceived ideas to what the outcome would be, or should be, or has to be, opening you up to that field of greater possibilities that is there around you all the time. And, as you infuse that perfect universal resonance, you’re opening up your energy field so that more can come in… new possibilities, new angles, if you will… in terms of what the outcome might be.” ~ Ishtara

‘Everything is energy’ and energy is everything. People, animals, plants, as well as businesses, homes, offices, land, situations and relationships can benefit when infused with the Universal Sphere®’s perfect universal resonance.










Clients have shared their experiences about a variety of situations that had positive shifts following their Universal Sphere® session that include:

  • Shifting of feeling “stuck”
  • Absent communication suddenly opened up in strained family relationships
  • Improved test scores for students
  • Properties or home sold
  • Broken technology starts working again
  • Melt away anxiety
  • Helped child go to sleep
  • Increased energy and ease of movement for aging pets

Your practitioner can facilitate your Universal Sphere® session in person or from a distance with equal effectiveness, as seen in the test results shown below.

You may desire one session to create a shift or balance your chakra’s, or you may desire three sessions to work through or uplevel a situation. Multiple sessions will continue to expand your energy field and vibration. Trust your own intuition, you will know what you need.


The Universal Sphere® And Your Business

Today’s business often means working harder to be a success, as the models for successful business development have changed. 

The Universal Sphere® can be used to enhance or uplevel your business by infusing the perfect universal resonance into the physical location from which your business operates, or into the concept of your business itself. 

Bringing in the energetic vibration of perfection, and allowing all that exists within your business to be infused with this resonance can potentially manifest greater success on every level.

Ask about our Universal Sphere® Business Bundles and Private Universal Sphere® Workshops to take your business to the next level!


T H E   S C I E N C E

Energetic Balance – GDV Kirlian Test Results

The following are indicative results of a single Universal Sphere® session performed at a distance.


  • Measuring Device: GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera
  • The “Practitioner”: Certified Universal Sphere® Practitioner performed the Universal Sphere® session from a location in Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • The recipient “Client” received the Universal Sphere® from a location in Queensland, Australia.
  • The client is a Chiropractic professional and is a trained advanced operator of the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera.
  • The Practitioner and the Client communicated immediately before and after the performed Universal Sphere® session via telephone.

Chakra Balancing / Alignment

The following results show how imbalances in the chakra system are realigned and almost perfectly balanced after receiving the Universal Sphere®.

Prior to her Universal Sphere® session, the client took a measurement on her GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera in her chiropractic office. This image shows the “Before” results.

Note that this “Before” image shows significant imbalances in the Client’s chakra’s, specifically the Third Eye Chakra on line 6, the Throat Chakra on line 5, and the Root Chakra on line 1, all which are outside the area in green highlight.

After taking the “Before” measurement, the Client laid down on an adjustment table for 15 minutes and received the distance Universal Sphere® session. The Practitioner called the Client via telephone once the distance Universal Sphere® session was complete. The Client then got up from the adjustment table and immediately took another measurement on the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera. This next image shows the “After” results.

Note that this “After” image shows the Client’s chakras are all within the green highlighted area after receiving the distance Universal Sphere®, which represents an excellent state of energetic balance.

A deep connected, relaxed feeling is reported by most people throughout their Universal Sphere® session. The balancing of your energetic system has both emotional and health benefits long after your Universal Sphere® session.

The Balancing Of Your Kirlian Field

During the same Universal Sphere® session described above, the following are “before” and “after” images of the Client’s Energy Field prior to and after receiving the distance Universal Sphere®.

In an ideal case, the blue-purple emanating field would appear very uniform, without gaps.

This image below compares the “before”, shown on the left, and the “after”, shown on the right, while viewing from the front.

This image below compares the “before”, shown on the left, and the “after”, shown on the right, while viewing from the side.

As seen in the images above, before receiving the Universal Sphere® session, the Client has a void in her energy field to the right side of her head, (visually on the left), and in front of her throat region. Also, note the significant spiking of her energy field down her back and right side.

After receiving Universal Sphere® session, you can visibly see both the right side of her head, (visually on the left), and her throat are very close to being perfectly filled in. Her field has 4% better symmetry; 30% more field strength, shown as emission volume, from the side; and 19% more field strength from the front.

Once again, the results of the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera show a better state of health after the Client received her Universal Sphere® session.

Our energy field is a cosmic blueprint, if you will. Illness can appear in the energy field weeks, even months, before it appears in the body. With the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera, the energy field can be scientifically assessed for the first time.

Physicist Dr. William Tiller has stated that the thoughts one creates generate patterns at the mind level of nature. Illness eventually manifests from the altered mind patterns through the ratchet effect – first to the etheric level, then to the physical level, as disease. Many of us unconsciously image illness much before it manifests In the physical. Tiller believes that disease reoccurs because only the physical level is treated. If the energy field is treated, as well, there would be lasting cures.

Body Organ Health

The next image is from the same Universal Sphere® session described above, showing measurements of various organs of the Client. Measurements “before” the Client received her Universal Sphere® session are represented as the red lines, and measurements “after” are represented as the blues lines.

Specifically on the right side of this image, you can see that “before” the Client received her Universal Sphere® session, there are numerous organs that measure in the “Underactive” zone, indicated by the peach color towards the center.

After receiving her Universal Sphere® session, on both the right and the left images, the blue lines show the Clients “after” measurements, which are all within the green acceptable region.

GDV-EPC Kirlian Camera

Author, leading scientist and Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg Technical University, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov developed the GDV, (Gas Discharge Visualization Kirlian bioelectrography or GDV Kirlian), in 1996. Korotkov is also internationally renowned for his research on the human bio field. The GDV Kirlian uses cutting-edge camera technology to let the invisible electromagnetic energy field, or “aura”, that surrounds everything from humans to inanimate objects, to be seen.

Today, one of the most significant applications of the GDV technique is in comparing effectiveness of various therapies and assisting health professionals in quick and accurate assessment of the human condition.

Free Flow of Energy – REBA Test Results

The following are indicative results of a single Universal Sphere® session performed in person.


  • Measuring Device: REBA Test Device
  • Date: October 17, 2016
  • Location: Open to Wellness, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • The “Subject”: Monika Herwig, ND. Never had a Universal Sphere® session before.
  • Performing the Universal Sphere® session: Holly Hawkins Marwood, Co-Founder of the Universal Sphere®
  • REBA Tester: Leigh Ann Betts, Universal Sphere® Practitioner

Dr. Herwig uses the REBA Machine in her practice. The REBA machine measures the Physical/Vital, Emotional, Mental and Causal/Intuitive energies of the test individual based on a scale of 1 to 99. 1 being very low and 99 being “perfect” as it is possible on the REBA machine.


Dr. Herwig had never experienced a Universal Sphere® prior to this session. She laid down on her treatment table, at which time Leigh Ann took Dr. Herwig’s initial measurements.


Initial Measurements     
Post U.S. Measurements
Physical/Vital = 90               Physical/Vital = 99
Emotional = 92                     Emotional = 99
Mental = 53                           Mental = 99
Causal/Intuitive = 95           Causal/Intuitive = 99


Holly performed the Universal Sphere®. She began by “placing” one sphere in Dr. Herwig’s center trunk area. Holly was then guided to do three more spheres during this session. She “placed” one in the stomach area, one in the brain/head area, and one at the 8th chakra. All four spheres were complete within 15 minutes.

Note that the post measurement results were as perfect as the REBA test device could determine in all four areas.

While these test results are not conclusive evidence, the independent testing completed both at a distance and in person indicate very strongly the benefits of receiving a Universal Sphere® session.

Psychosomatic Energy Therapy (REBA Testing)

The REBA device is used to measure the energetic field of a person’s body. Imported from Europe for the precise measurement of energy in the physical, mental, emotional and causal energy fields of body, the REBA machine is a revolutionary new device. The REBA device also detects interference in the chakras or neural plexus of the body, as well as the belief behind the block. If energetic imbalances that show up in the energy field continue, physical symptoms and illness can develop.

REBA Testing Benefits

Health conditions arise when there are blocks in the flow of energy in the body. The inner blocks caused by emotional conflicts are most important. This blocked energy flow is often the main cause of disturbed metabolism in a region or segment of the body, which leads to many complaints and physical illnesses. The REBA device is a diagnostic tool that establishes priority of the treatment. The process focuses on one conflict at a time. Typically, when someone is diagnosed by the REBA device, they are given easy to follow protocols of specific homeopathic remedies to rid identified conflicts. Many do experience the elimination of many emotional as well as physical symptoms over the course of treatment.

How REBA Test Device Works

Dr. Reimar Banis, MD ND from Switzerland partnered with Dieter Jossner, a German Biophysicist, to create a system to measure the energy of the human aura. The energy of the physical, mental, emotional and causal bodies can be measured, as well as the energy in your chakras, or energy centers to determine if there are any blockages. This also allows the tester to pinpoint the emotional belief pattern that interferes with the free flow of one’s energy. The REBA test device uses a poly frequency spectrum (PFS), to confront the body with neutral vibrations. This state-of-the-are microprocessor instrument can identify emotional conflicts, geopathic stress and energy blockages that disrupt the pathway to emotional and physical health.

The REBA device is connected to the client via a spiral cord and then a mix of frequencies are played that resonate with the brainwaves. The width of the frequency is increased until a reaction is noted, and a value is displayed on the device. Figures of 100% mean optimal health, 50% average, and figures below 20% represent a very poor condition of the energy.

With the REBA test device, it’s possible to measure a client’s energy level both quantitatively and qualitatively for the first time.

The Four Energy Levels Tested by the REBA Device

  1. PHYSICAL/VITAL: The amount of strength a person physically has at his disposal. A person with a low physical/vital energy low is generally exhausted much of the time.
  2. EMOTIONAL: A person’s mood. A person with low emotional energy generally feels emotionally depleted, irritated, overly sad, or grumpy.
  3. MENTAL: A person’s conscious awareness. This energy level is what allows a person to get through their day efficiently. A low mental level is generally easily distracted, has trouble concentrating and is forgetful.
  4. CAUSAL/INTUITIVE: A person’s inner guidance, intuition. The higher a persons causal energy level is, the more intuitive, sensitive, and connected he is with the world around him.

Conflicts are similarly tested on these four energy levels, and is indicative of the degree of negative influence it has on a person.

Shine Your Light Even Brighter

Connect into that field of infinite possibilities that you’re already in and open yourself up to experience more life with unlimited variety and options. This connection will keep you open, positive, enthused and excited about your ability to move through life in an easier, more graceful way. With the Universal Sphere®, you now have a new way that you can begin transforming your energies in the most positive way.

Book your Universal Sphere® session(s) today using the links below, or  register for my in-person workshop in Los Angeles, CA, to learn to do the Universal Sphere® for yourself and others. Private workshops upon request. When you learn how to do them for yourself, you can be playful with the spheres, pushing the boundaries of what you’ve been told, and see what happens as you open up to infinite possibilities.

Book your single Universal Sphere® session.
Book your Universal Sphere® bundle of three sessions.
Book your Chakra Alignment/Energy Balancing with the Universal Sphere® session.

Learn more about the ‘Learn the Universal Sphere®’ One-Day Intensive Workshop!

I am grateful to be part of your journey! Please reach out if you have any questions.

In gratitude,

Shellie Powers is not a physician and make no claims, promises or guarantees. See our website Disclaimer for further details, at

Tree of Life Crystalline Activation

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The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is an energetic overlay that creates a unique way of manifesting into your reality.

Interactive Manifestation Assistance.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is an energetic, holographic double terminated crystal shape that is placed in or around the human form, to be utilized physically and energetically on all levels of your being. This energetic “overlay” is interactive, and due to its crystalline nature, it acts as both a sender and a receiver of information, that you can program to work with and assist you in manifesting your life desires on the material, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

What Do You Desire?

This activation assists in greater levels of alignment with the positive aspects of human life. As you program the structure, your “intention” is sent by the crystal out to the planet and Universe as it calls in and receives new information and understanding to fill in the pieces “missing” necessary for greater ease in your manifesting and realizing your desires and dreams.

Your ongoing interaction with The Tree of Life Crystalline allows you to work unendingly with the energy of manifestation, as you can choose to program for all that you desire… spiritual awareness, connecting with your soul mate, goals of financial wealth, and so much more!


Endless Possibilities.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is a programmable energetic crystal from which its structure sends and receives information from the universe, allowing the recipient to vibrate at a new level, creating a unique way of manifesting. The information collected is sent into the crystalline energetic structure into the human who programmed the energy.

This activation helps to bring in what you need to assist in the alignment of people, places, events and things needed for your experience of your program. Being that it is “interactive”, ongoing interaction on a daily basis is recommended so to strengthen and embrace the flow of information in and out of you to the crystalline and information grids which assist in this manifestation process. With practice, you will find that this only takes a few moments of time, allowing you to easily tune into and feel this energetic crystal that has been put into place.

Once you have manifested your desired outcome, you can then reprogram it, without the need of your facilitator, for something else. The original program is never lost, it simply allows you to add more to your experiences in life.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is a ONE time activation that is equally effective in person or from a distance, even if you live in another Country.

Reprogram This Energy Again and Again.

Initially, the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is programmed by your facilitator, based upon your wished program. Once you feel you have received those programmed benefits, like a real crystal, you will be able to follow simple instructions provided by your facilitator to cleanse, charge and reprogram this energy again and again with your new intention.

Accelerate Your Ability To Manifest Your Desires.

Always working in the highest integrity, possibilities and evolution of your soul and all involved, The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation will assist in your dreams and desires. Dream Big!

More about Activations… Order doesn’t matter, just follow which speaks to you the most!

Your Unique Way of Manifesting

If you’re ready to bring your wishes to life as you manifest your desires, book your 60 minute session for your one- time Tree of Life Crystalline Activation. Your future awaits you!

Please reach out if you have any questions, I am always here to assist you.

In gratitude,

Shellie Powers is not a physician and make no claims, promises or guarantees. See our website Disclaimer for further details, at

111® Activation

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This energetic ascension activation is to help you with greater alignment, clarity and authenticity with your true self.

A New Level Of Soul Alignment.

The 111® Activation is the first Soul Activation that was brought through in 2011, that helps us to create new life patterns that we desire in a faster way than that of traditional processes.

Our channeled guidance says,
It allows who you are, at all of your levels, to come into a new level of soul alignment – which means that you begin to experience your life in a clearer, more aligned way. Allowing your soul to more authentically express its voice into your life. It allows the truth of who you are to be less encumbered by outside influences. How that energetic system working in concert with your soul level guidance manifests will be unique to each one of you, but as you experience the shift in your energetic as you move forward with this new energetic in place in your system, you will find new levels of clarity; you’ll feel alignment to your truth. You’ll feel, in a sense, more comfortable with who you are and where you are, in your ability to express that in your life and your expression can be through how you verbally express yourself through your words, through your writing, through your typing. It’s how you express yourself in your beingness and the choices you make. ~ High Council of Orion

Accelerated Transformation.

Existing energetic patterns are strong, and can take a lot of focus, time and effort to change the patterns of our vibrational field in order to release the undesired patterns through traditional processes and shift to a new, more desired pattern. This lengthy and challenging process often leaves us with that “stuck” feeling, but when we are able to tap into the quantum field, as with the 111® Activation, transformation is accelerated.


Here are a few of the resulting benefits:

  • Higher level of Intuition and clarity
  • Release of old behaviors and patterns that no longer serve
  • Greater ease in making positive changes
  • Desire and dreams manifest more quickly
  • More creativity
  • Greater connection to authentic self
  • Heightened awareness of the five senses
  • Increase in synchronicities
  • Improvement and/or healing of mental, physical and/or emotional health

Depending upon one’s awareness, some people may notice results instantly, while others may recognize their changes over time, in a more subtle way.

Transform Undesired Patterns.

To change any pattern in your life, you must first change the vibrational pattern in your field. The 111® Activation is a transformational process that does just that.

Traditionally, most approaches available to us to experience true, long-lasting transformation take a concerted effort and are not the most efficient way to change the patterns in our vibrational field since we are making changes in our three-dimensional world.

The 111 Activation helps a person become more permeable to light, creating more “space” at the quantum level within the physical body. This allows a person to become more open to the flow of light, and consequently more connected to Source — that force that some call God, others call higher wisdom, and some scientists call ‘The Field’. ~ High Council of Orion

By tapping into the quantum field, through the process of the 111® Activation, a new vibrational pattern is created. This new vibrational pattern, in turn, helps create new life patterns.

Transform Your Life. Transform Your Business.

Are you feeling stuck, facing difficult life challenges or experiencing transitions in your health, finances, relationships or work? Great change is occurring, creating a sense of unbalance and overwhelm. The 111® Activation can help you to integrate ongoing life and personal challenges with greater ease. This transformational process is designed to alleviate struggle and stress, opening the path of more flow and enjoyment in life, enhancing your ability to awaken to the possibilities of living with greater ease.

Are you experiencing business or financial challenges? The 111® Activation can potentially help you and your business function at a higher level with higher consciousness and greater success. Collectively as a team, or your staff individually, the 111® Activation can help to unleash greater potential for your business.

Alignment. Clarity. Authenticity.

Shift into living a more conscious, more authentic life.

The 111® Activation energy session, can be facilitated from a distance or in person, with equal effectiveness and is a ONE time activation. One session is all that you need in this lifetime, or one per business.

More about soul activations…

Yes, I’m Ready to Change the Vibrational Pattern in My Field!

Always feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have, and when you sense that you’re ready for your  111® Activation energy session for yourself, or your business, book your 60 minute session. I am here to help you.

In gratitude,

Shellie Powers is not a physician and make no claims, promises or guarantees. See our website Disclaimer for further details.


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Move forward in your life in a true and authentic way with the energetic assistance of Soul Activations!

Grow Into A New Vibratory Reality

Embody all that we are, all that we desire, all that we dream about. Move beyond struggle and stress, and start living our true potential with ease. Isn’t that the daily life we are all seeking?

Too often, we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward while trying to make positive changes in our lives. Our ingrained patterns of resistance leave us overwhelmed, limiting our thoughts and perspective.

Soul Activations help us to move forward with less difficulty by clearing the energetic field, expanding our capacity to hold a higher vibration and greater degree of light. These energetic transformations occur at a soul level and create a deeper connection to our heart and our essence, allowing more ease in our expressions of our true authentic self. Attuning our innate intelligence, Soul Activations allow a higher-level wisdom to be tapped into for guidance in simple, yet profound ways.

Soul Activations

Soul Activations are NEW; they began coming through in January, 2011.

Activations are an infusion of energy into your physical and energetic beings in a way that you have not had before. On an energetic level, they are composed of energy pathways that are in the shape of sacred geometry. As this sacred geometric structure is put into place, energetically within your system, on all levels, it allows energy from your planetary system and from universal matrix of energy to begin flowing through you in a new alignment relative to the geometry of the shape.

When you combine the light flowing through this sacred geometric structure and it’s interaction with your physicality on all levels with your humanity, for it includes your physical experience and all the energetic unseen less tangible experiences, this sacred geometric structure is infused into who you currently are and the energy of the universe begins to flow through you and interact differently because this sacred geometric shape. You step into a new level of alignment with who you are and who you want to be. Each activation has different geometry to it. With each activation, it’s interaction with you, shifts you in a different, yet specific way. ~ The High Council of Orion

  • The 111® Activation – Launching you forward on your life path… Learn more!
  • The Universal Sphere® – A limitless energetic storehouse of solution energy, assisting you with almost any challenge you have… Learn more!
  • The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation – Accelerate your manifestation abilities for all that you desire… Learn more!

Activate Your Highest Potential

Imagine living everyday life at your souls highest potential. Soul Activations are your energetic pathway to a universal connection, a higher vibration, and expanded consciousness. Each activation moves you in a unique way, from catapulting you forward in your life path with more ease and grace, to assisting you with resolution to almost any problem you may have.

Soul Activations increase self-confidence and overall happiness, and decrease confusion and chaos as a result of soul alignment. They help to accelerate your ability to manifest, shifting your energy to live a more authentic life in tune with your personal truth, and ultimately providing you with a more fulfilling life experience.

In Person Or From A Distance

All Soul Activations can be received wherever you are located. They work in what Scientists refer to as, “the Field”, and go beyond our perceived limitations of distance.

Facilitated in person or from any distance, Soul Activations are received with equal effectiveness.

A Healthier and Happier Life

For those who resonate, Soul Activations are an important aspect of our transformation and our evolution as human, allowing us to gain a fresh perspective. Our refined ability to make choices in alignment with our authentic self brings forward a deeper level of fulfillment in everyday life.