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Learn. Grow. Expand.

Shellie offers a variety of ways to expand your energy and knowledge through one-on-one sessions, private group, and public workshops.

Classes are open to everyone, whether you are brand new or adding to your “Energetic Tool Box”.
The remainder of 2022, in-person events will be held at the Jackson, MI office located at 2416 W. Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI, in the ‘A Healing Feeling Wellness Center’.

Learn to Read the Akashic Records, Certified Practitioner Classes

Join Shellie online, or in-person, for one of her Akashic Record Certified Practitioner classes.

As a Practitioner, you will understand how to read the Akashic Records for yourself and others. As an Advanced Practitioner, you will learn to use the Records for Past Lives, Energy Healing and Ancestral Clearing. A third class will teach you the process of Healing Through the Akashic Records.

Utilizing Dr. Linda Howe’s revolutionary Pathway Prayer Process© which transports you to the very heart of the Records, the completion of these certifications accredit you as a Practitioner for world renowned, Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies.

Learn the Universal Sphere®, Certified Practitioner Program

Join Shellie online, or in-person, to learn to do the Universal Sphere® for yourself and others. Offered in three ways: One-Day Intensive, completion in one extended day; Two-Day Intensive, completion in two four-hour days on two separate dates; or, Three-Day Intensive, completion in three three-hour days on three separate dates. Class times include scheduled breaks, One-Day Intensive includes a lunch break. Completion of this certification certifies you as a Practitioner of the Universal Sphere® with Soul Genesis.

Learn Reiki Levels I, II and Master

Join Shellie online, or in-person, to learn how to connect to Reiki energy. Learn in a progressive path to become a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner, (Levels I and II), and a Master.

Meditation Classes

Join Shellie in a variety of online, or in-person, meditation classes. Learn different breathing patterns.

Release The Grief Workshop

Online Series – Coming Soon!

FREE Events!

Receive Your Gifted Universal Sphere® from a distance, from the comfort of your own home, at 11 am PT on the 11th day of every month!

And, More…
Coming Soon!

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  1. Hi Shellie! I am interested in having a reading and also learning about the practitioner classes. When do the classes typically begin, how long is the course, and cost, etc. Any info would be appreciated. I will book a reading on your website. I look forward to meeting you.

    Toni Weinfurtner

    1. Hi, Toni! Thank you for visiting my site and for your great questions. I will be adding more class info over the weekend and will also reach out to you privately! I look forward to meeting you, as well! In gratitude, Shellie

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