Akashic Insights is for those interested in learning more and going deeper into the Akasha as a group.

Set up like a book study, participants join together in a virtual setting from the comfort of their own homes to share in discussion, learning and doing.

It’s FREE to participate. Please contact Shellie if you have interest in joining this elite group of enlightened individuals.

Join Us as We Dive Deep Into the Akasha!

Current Topic of Study:
Dr. Linda Howe, Author and Leading Expert of the Akashic Records, and Founder of ‘The Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies’.

Linda achieved the first doctorate ever to be offered in the Field of Akashic Studies, and is someone I am grateful to call my friend, teacher and mentor.

About the Author

Shellie Powers ()

In 2010, I embraced a new world of healing. It's what helped to bring me out of the darkness of deep grief years prior, and still benefits me today, both personally and as a tool, to help those on path to heal, to ascend or to uplevel elements of their lives. Founder, The Powers Of

Website: http://thepowersof.com

2 Replies to “Akashic Insights”

  1. Hello Shellie:

    Your articles are very informative. There is much thought and research that you have put into them.

    I was not aware you lived in San Diego CA. I was born and raised in Southern CA. Texas is my home now. your journey I must say is a very interesting journey.

    I experienced grief when I went through a divorce. It put me in the hospital for trying to end my life.

    I enjoyed your article on Activation’s. I find it interesting about the power of the mind and how it can heal us. When you had mentioned the things you have seen happen to you. I can relate.

    I’m not a world healer but a real faith healer. I have seen God move so powerfully you can not tell me different. This is where we disagree,but then again that’s ok. I’m not here to condemn you.or convert you.

    I’m here to be a friend that cares and loves all people and to be there when you need Prayer or someone to just listen not to judge. We are ALL important and this world would be much more sweeter if we could just find a way to let down our barriers and stop trying to screw over the next guy for our benefit.

    Outstanding job Shellie !.

    1. Thank you, Brian. I’m glad that you enjoyed my Activation section, it’s new way to tap into energy helping to create a new shift, to help create the better world you spoke it could be as barriers dissolve away. I greatly appreciate your open mindedness and sense that you may connect with my section about the Akashic Records that I don’t have up, yet. I am trained in a process that utilizes a sacred prayer, and the records are reference various times in the bible. It’s a way to hold steady while we grow into unshakeable awareness of our oneness with the divine. 🙂

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