One month before my temporary work contract was ending, I didn’t have anything in the pipeline, so I asked Shellie to do a Universal Sphere® to help me find a permanent job, or at the very least another contract. Honestly, while I was receiving the Universal Sphere®, I didn’t tell Shellie, but I had strong worry about how I would pay my families bills and put food on our table since I am the primary money earner. It’s amazing as my contract ended with Company A on January 12th, and that same day, in the late afternoon, I received an email from Company B, who, by the way, had offered me my dream position 1.5 years prior, but had to rescind due to internal issues on their side. The new email told me that Company B had an immediate head of HR position available, the same job they had to rescind, and something I never expected to be offered again. I accepted their offer and I started the following week. I have continued to always say that this was my job. Now it is, and I’m loving life!



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Shellie Powers ()

In 2010, I embraced a new world of healing. It's what helped to bring me out of the darkness of deep grief years prior, and still benefits me today, both personally and as a tool, to help those on path to heal, to ascend or to uplevel elements of their lives. Founder, The Powers Of